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Stay fit during your injury!

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Your injury is healed, you think back to competition. Unfortunately, this is impossible! Your lack of fitness stopping you! Unless you have taken care to keep fit during your injury!

Please note, your physical condition is declining fast!

Studies show that the adaptations of the heart muscle and disappear quickly in the absence of training. After 3 to 4 days of inactivity, muscle chemical plants called "mitochondria" reduce their ability to burn energy. The maximum heart rate decreases after about ten days without exercise! An athlete who stops the sport but continues his daily life becomes sedentary in 3 months. Whether to stay in a bed in the hospital, he need only three weeks to disappear the benefit of many years of practice.

Discover all the benefits of physical maintenance

It is nature that gives the rhythm of the human body repairs. Keeping fit, you can take the day when healing is complete. This is the best way to save time! Occupied by a suitable program, you keep the morale, you're angry with your doctor! Your abdominal famous chocolate bar from becoming more foam! You keep the line. Far from impairing healing your injury, well proportioned stress on the injured area

Learn how to keep fit!

If you are injured in a leg, you can do weight training arms and torso. Thus, you will be more tough on the contacts, you run better because your legs will build on a secured area. By linking high reps with light weights, you can manage even to stimulate the functioning of the heart! Therefore, these "fitness trail" is also called "muscle jogging."

braking weight training to prevent muscle soreness

Suffered an ankle sprain, many strength exercises of the lower limbs without support is recommended. On a "quadriceps chair" or a "hamstring bench", it is possible to mount with 2 legs and a heavy load to slow its descent with a single. This braking work reproduces muscle constraints to the amortization of each stride. It is particularly effective against aches at the resumption of the race.

Shortly after trauma to the upper limbs, jogging is not possible because of the shaking of the arms or balance. You can more easily make back right bike or stepper. Climb the stairs and down ... actively lift, is artfully integrated into your program.

Lying on your bed you can imagine and relive your various game actions. The

Dissociate to progress

The maintenance concept of the physical condition of the injured athlete allows to dissociate the "mechanical stress on the wound" and "muscular chemical stress." This is how we manage to make it compatible "re-education" and "training".

Rehabilitation and training

If you have access to a gym or your physical therapist has a full cardio equipment, it is ideal! You have access to other simulators such as bicycle arms, steppers, rowers and the ellipteurs. It is possible to refine a real escalation. The arm allows cycling to really seek the heart despite lower limb immobilized! On stepper you can "sprinter" no violent stretch your muscles. The ├ęllipteur the movement looks more more the gesture of running! You can gradually reintroduce jogging through the treadmill. On all these devices and running, you work more intensely all muscle energy production systems.

The fate of rehabilitation physiotherapy practice. It is practiced life-size field. Initially the exercises are scheduled and stopped at the onset of fatigue so as not to trap the coordination of the player. At first the movements are performed at moderate speed and amplitudes and mechanical stress are similar to that of your sport. Not hunted, not crusaders, slalom, half turns and other education are on the menu. Footballers gradually reintroduce juggling, ball lines and strikes. The tennis gently takes his forehand, his backhand and service.

At first, your opponent is your friend ... he offers to work smoothly gesture planned in advance. Finally, the movement is performed at maximum power. ... Your friend becomes your opponent! It seeks to trap you or going to the contact. The effort continues even when you win the depletion: the competition!

Enjoy your injury!

You understood an injury, it is an opportunity to take a structured preparation away from the turbulence of the calendar. All exercise program ranges are: general muscle strengthening, stretching, and cardiac work load of the most powerful energy systems. The same technique is worked. Thus, when to resume after this training, it is common that your form is better than the time of injury!

Doctor St├ęphane CASCUA. - 17 f├ęvrier 2011.

Conflicts of interest: the author or authors have no conflicts of interest concerning the data published in this article.


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