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riding Gym
You go up 1 to week. You would like to keep in shape between classes. You are cavalier of good level. You want a quick and specific physical preparation. Riding Gym is designed for you!
By Dr. Stéphane Cascua, sports physician and competition rider. Mathieu Pinet drawing
This session lasts 15 to 30 minutes. It is advisable to carry out 1-2 times a week. It is a good "wakeup call" to make the most of your resume weekend. If you accumulate hours on horseback or if you chain the obstacle course, it allows you to gain fluency. Remember the words of Michel Robert, the French rider most successful in his interview for SANTESPORTMAG SENIOR No. 1. He claimed to be in much better shape on the ground ... in better shape than many young riders ... since he was regularly in the gym and yoga.
Ghost rider
For more specificity, for more efficiency in no time, you will recognize equestrian positions, sitting or "suspended". So good muscle chains are put to use, coordination is optimized. Joints and back are relaxed in the most useful areas. Whenever possible, an instability parameter is added to reproduce the balance of work involved on the horse in motion. It is recommended to use a "Swissball" or "fitball". These large balloons are for sale on the net or in the great sporting distribution for a low price. Otherwise, a single ball resting on a chair can do the trick.
Exercise 1: Strength and coordination suspended.
In hanging position, make small flexion extension, as if you amortissiez movement gallop suspended. Keep your back straight. Look ahead.
Do 20-40 repetitions or more until the action is deformed or thighs burn.
Try, combine and chain variants
They are useful in varying the stresses and increase difficulties.
Perform the movement on a mattress and foot peaks on the edge of a step, heels in the air.
Put a backpack with more and more books.
Hold a ball between your knees as if you clench your legs
Hold bottles increasingly filled in each hand. Go back and hands as if you were following an extended canter. You work the tone of the upper back.
Hold elastic hanging from a door handle or a window railing. Turn off and pull through small jerky movements as if you were trying to find the constraints of a horse pulling.
For each variant, try to close your eyes.
Exercise 2: strength and coordination sitting in the saddle
Lie down. Put your heels on the seat of a chair or better on swissball. Spread them to the maximum. Mount the basin and then make small movements of camber to the rhythm of the trot or gallop seated.
Perform 20-40 repetitions and 1-3 sets.
Try, combine and chain variants.
Crush elbows on the ground, closer to your shoulder blades.
Take bottles increasingly filled and slowly move your hands as if you were following the movement of the mouth.
Hold a ball between your knees as if you clench your legs.
Close your eyes.
Exercise 3: suspended Flexibility
Lie on your back. Grab your knees bent. Place them on each side of your chest ... you relax both your back and hips.
Keep the position for 30 seconds. Increase the voltage 10 to 20 seconds! ... For that you can grab your ankles.
Exercise 4: Flexibility, strength and coordination sitting in the saddle
Sit on a ball or a swissball placed on the seat of a chair. Spread good knees. Turn the ends inward, like a horse.
With your buttocks, fully mobilize the ball before backward, sideways and diagonally ... as if you were following the movement of the seat or as if you realize transfers of your body weight.
Do this exercise 1-5 minutes. Abs and back muscles work and finely coordinate. The spine becomes more flexible in areas needed for riding.
Try, combine and chain variants
Move your hands when your back is rounded, back when the arches like if you were following the movement of the mouth. Take a bottle in each hand or shoot a rubber band.
Lift the right foot. Keep the balance as long as possible. Same thing left. Try to take off both feet. Under these conditions of instability abdominals are working hard.
For each variant, try to close your eyes.

Doctor Stéphane CASCUA. - 28 novembre 2011.

Conflicts of interest: the author or authors have no conflicts of interest concerning the data published in this article.


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